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How to Choose and Buy a Hiking Backpack in Kenya

How to choose the Best Backpacking, Traveling, Camping, Mountaineering and Hiking Backpacks in Kenya.

When you are going for a hike, trek, trip or climbing Mt. Kenya or Mt. Kilimanjaro, you will need to have a number of items, clothes, footwear, tools and other stuff.

One of the major essential gear needed is a good Backpack. An experienced hiker, backpacker or mountain climber will not have a problem buying a backpack but if you are a beginner, chances are that you don’t know where to buy a backpack in Kenya leave alone choosing one.

The following considerations can help you get the best backpack at an affordable price.

Capacity needed.

The first thing is to know how long you will be on the trip. This will help you identify the correct size.

The backpacks come in different sizes identified in terms of Liters e.g. 40L, 50L, 70L and up to 90L.

Choose a backpack by considering how long the trip will take and the items you need to carry.


How do you want to access the bag?

  • From the top of the bag?
  • At the bottom?
  • From the back of the pack?

How many extra pockets do you need?

Where should the pockets be located?


Is the backpack fitting well?

Can you adjust the straps of the pack?

Are the straps and buckles strong enough?

How much weight do you intend to carry?

The Important Features

Does the backpack have a Rain Cover?

If not, Can I get it somewhere else?

Does it have external pockets, clips, and rings?

  • For storing water bottles, sandals, and walking sticks for ease of access.

Does it have a Removable Day Pack?

  • Not necessary but if it is there, could be of great advantage.

Is there a Hydration Pouch in the backpack?

  • If you are on a budget, you may not get one with a hydration pouch. They are more common among the more expensive packs

What is the Color?

  • This is not too much of a consideration and it is more of a personal preference. It is good though to choose a pack that enhances your visibility for safety purposes.

What Frame Style do you prefer?

  • External frame pack or Internal frame pack?